"There's no hate to the haters, they only hate the truth, live their life and pay the price of what comes back to you."

Those lyrics were penned by 15-year-old Papamoa College student Mare Jacomb yesterday under the guidance of acclaimed Bay musician and TV presenter Ria Hall.

She was sharing her knowledge at the school under the New Zealand Music Commission's mentoring programme.

The down-to-earth 31-year-old said she liked to keep the sessions fresh, and wasn't afraid to be open and expose her own flaws.


"I don't want to come in here and pretend I know everything because I don't. I am a musician but I still have to learn things. At times I can be shy and it takes me a while to warm up, I don't like singing in small spaces in front of people and I still need to develop my song writing.

"I like being honest and use my strengths to an advantage."

Ironically, Hall admitted nerves got the better of her before talking to the teenagers, but in front of the classroom she acted like a natural-born teacher.

"I get really apprehensive to start with because I am like, 'oh I hope I can give them some tools to go away with'. And they will be like, 'I remember when she said that'. It's constantly on my mind passing on some gems."

Hall was passionate about working with youth and said there was so much talent laying under the surface.

"It's like kind of sitting under the radar and I know they have got heaps in them, it's just getting it out. They don't need to be scared. Lots of things can be said through music - both direct and indirect."

Head of music, teacher Katrina Wickham said Hall was an inspiration and was accepting of any differences.

"There is no wrong way or right way and she has challenged pupils that were only instrumentalists to extend themselves and write lyrics. She is fabulous."

The students had seen her on YouTube and listened to her tracks online.

It was a great opportunity for the students to meet a Sony-signed recording artist, she said.

"This is the first year we have had a mentor in the school."

But it would definitely be applying for the opportunity again, she said.