Rob Moore is counting down the days until the Tri Nations kicks off so he can proudly fly the flags of the countries involved.

The 66-year-old bought a flag pole two years ago and began his collection with the New Zealand flag and the All Blacks flag.

Later his wife Daph suggested they get another pole so they could fly two flags side by side during key rugby events.

Since then he has flown the flags of the countries taking part in major sporting events, and most recently was flying the flags of those in the Fifa World Cup.


"We bought the Tri Nation countries then there was a bit of interest with locals in the neighbourhood and the area. We would whack one down half mast as soon as the game's over, whoever lost," Mr Moore said.

He then branched out into collecting flags for the V8 Super Cars including Ford and Holden.

"But mainly do it for the rugby. I love my rugby. You can certainly hear me in the neighbourhood when the rugby is on. I love it.

"Also for the wind direction as I am an avid fisherman. I go out and check the wind direction and so does everybody else in the neighbourhood, believe it or not."

Mr Moore said he was a patriotic Kiwi. "I just like seeing the New Zealand flag fly, both our fathers fought in the war and a lot of older people live around here and it's a great accolade to fly the flag."

Mr Moore said he could not wait for the Rugby World Cup to start next year so he could continue to add to his collection.

Mrs Moore said the flag collection has grown to include more than 20.

"Christmas flags, New Year flags and happy face flags and we half masted South Africa when Nelson Mandela passed away. We got a lot of toots for that."

She noted the neighbours used the flags and their house as a marker and their presence was missed when they were not flown.