Musician Jeremy Redmore is not too keen on genres, so if he had to pick - his self-produced album would sound a little like a hybrid of Paul Simon and The Shins.

Jeremy says his debut solo album Clouds Are Alive has more of a singer-songwriter sound than the rock/pop anthems of his previous band, the successful Midnight Youth. He has written, produced and managed the album.

"There's a lot less rock in this record. Being a singer-songwriter you create the sound around that story, rather than the other way around," he explains.

Jeremy, originally from Tauranga, left the award-winning rock/pop band Midnight Youth last year. The group had been together for more than five years but Jeremy chose to leave to explore a more personal musical journey.


"I think generally it was just a natural move for me. If I was just a singer and didn't write as well, I'd probably still be in the band."

Jeremy has involved his fans in the creative process. He says the nerve-racking part was creating and producing the album by himself. But he's "excited and happy" with the result.

Jeremy, 28, is ex-Tauranga Boys' College and his music teacher, Murray Mason, saw his potential and encouraged him to join the school big band. Jeremy thought it would be a great way to meet girls so went ahead.

These days Jeremy, a self-proclaimed nerd, leads a bit of a double life - he's a successful musician but also a sports reporter by day for the NZ Herald (working under a different name).

Clouds are Alive will be released on Friday, July 25. Jeremy is visiting local Rockshop stores prior to the release to tell the stories and process behind his album.

Clouds Are Alive listening party event

Saturday, July 19 at Tauranga Rockshop, 3pm