Sometimes it is hard to get back up after you have been knocked down but some Tauranga children are doing just that.

Rawiri Te Whata, 7, was hit by car outside his Welcome Bay home.

He was flown to Auckland's Starship hospital and was in a critical condition but just over a week later he is back at home.

The child has defied the odds and proved to everyone just what a fighter he is.


He not only surprised everyone with his speedy recovery he offered his support to another child in hospital, who had also been hit by a car.

His positivity is inspiring and I hope those are qualities which he never loses.

Meanwhile, Phoenix and Faith Ruddell are getting their lives back on track after being in a serious car crash which claimed the life of their mother.

Phoenix, 4 and Faith, 3, suffered serious injuries in the crash, which happened in May, but this week made their return to preschool.

As adults, sometimes when you get knocked down, it is easier to just accept it than it is to pick yourself back up, but these resilient children are showing us how it is done.

The unthinkable has happened to them and they are showing us how strong they are by getting on with their lives.

I'm sure for the Ruddell children it must still be hard, getting to grips with losing their mother.

There are so many things they will miss out on and they will wish she was still around.

But the support offered to the family has been amazing and I'm sure those close to the children will gather around them and try to make those moments a bit easier.

In the meantime, they are getting back into a daily routine and making the most of the jungle gym at preschool.

We can learn from these kids, who don't question why bad things have happened to them, but instead just get on with what they have to do, even if it means learning how to walk again.