Tauranga MP Simon Bridges' latest annual survey of the Tauranga electorate shows an increasingly confident city, the MP says.

"80% of people surveyed said they are either the same or better off than a year ago, and this reflects the feedback I'm getting on my regular visits to people's homes and businesses," Mr Bridges said.

"In my six years as a local MP, more people than ever before are telling me about their confidence and optimism for the future in terms of their business and job prospects.

"We've come through some hard times and I appreciate it still isn't easy for some, but we've improved public services and the economic indicators are going in the right direction. The survey results show that an increasing number of people are starting to feel this on the ground here in Tauranga."


Other survey results showed 65 per cent of respondents believed the Government was delivering on its promises, and issues such as housing and reducing welfare dependency were seen as most important.

In addition, 91 per cent of respondents supported the Government's action earlier this year to remove psychoactive substances from the market.

Mr Bridges' electorate survey was undertaken in June 2014. One of the questions asked how people described their personal economic outlook compared with a year ago. 4 per cent said much better, 24 per cent better, 52 per cent the same, and 18 per cent worse. 1 per cent were unsure.