Bayfair Shopping Centre is celebrating its latest success, made possible by the beauty of a full bladder.

The shopping centre has begun harvesting its grey and rain water in an innovation designed to preserve the Bay of Plenty environment.

Bayfair's amenities area currently uses approximately 8,589 litres of water per day, and it is expected the harvesting will capture and replace 35 per cent of the potable water supply each year and capture and use 24 per cent of the greywater. This is expected to reduce consumption of potable water by 56 per cent of the current water usage for the centre's amenities area (1,765,000 litres per year).

To celebrate the launch of the new system, Bayfair will host a 'switching on' event and behind the scenes tour with Enviro Challenge ambassadors from Aquinas College and Bay of Plenty Regional Council representatives on Friday.