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It may have been crafted on a shoestring budget but the goodwill shown by the community to make Te Puke's first feature film a reality was priceless, says its director and producer.

More than 200 locals filled the seats at Pongakawa School Action Centre last night to watch the premiere screening of the trailer for the movie The Z-Nail Gang.

Loud whistles and applause rang out as the credits rolled.


Described as a "feel-good action-comedy with a conscience", The Z-Nail Gang is an ensemble piece based on the unbelievably crazy but true mining protests in Coromandel 20 years ago.

Set in a small coastal town, when mega-mining threatened the lives of its inhabitants, the residents battle the mining company and government officials.

Pukehina couple Anton and Kylie DellaBarca Steel, who are the film's director and producer, said the making of the film, which was now in post-production, would not have been possible without huge goodwill from the local community.

"We are absolutely blown away by how generous people have been and how much the community has really bought into this project. It's been quite an incredible journey."

More than 400 individuals and organisations have given their time and resources free, they said.

The majority of the crew were local volunteers, with a few technical roles being filmed by out-of-town film professionals.

Supporting and extra roles were also filled by local people, including groups such as the Red Hats from Pukehina, the Highly Strung Ukelele Club and a class of children from Pongakawa Primary and their parents.

Local businesses and individuals gave the filmmakers access to a fleet of 16 character vehicles, including a helicopter.


Mrs Steel said the movie would be shown in Te Puke first, then the rest of the Bay of Plenty before going nationwide.

The trailer may have only been two minutes long but many in the audience were keen to see it again and again, including Hollie Hauraki and her two children Teah, 9, and Thade, 12, who star in the film and were seeing themselves on the big screen for the first time.

"It's been really fun and it's been something on my bucket list that I have always wanted to do," Ms Hauraki said.

Maketu man Leon Moore whose property was used during 11 days of filming described seeing the trailer as "awesome".