Ashley Weir began sprucing up park benches after moving to Papamoa 15 months ago as a way to look after the neighbourhood he loves.

Mr Weir, 75, said he noticed the benches could do with some work on The Gardens Drive soon after he and his wife arrived from Taupo.

The retired electrician contacted Tauranga City Council about it but was told the benches did not belong to the council and were installed by developers.

"The seats just stayed there and there was no love or attention given to them," he said. "I asked the council if I could do them up and they gave me the materials and I did them."


Mr Weir has restored seven benches, two of which needed the slats replaced, over the past two months.

"Each seat was about three days work. They were completely dismantled, sanded and three coats of paint and put them back together again," he said. Mr Weir was taken aback that someone had contacted the Bay of Plenty Times about his work.

"I've been dobbed in. I'm not looking for glory," he said. "I just wanted to do that. That's just me. It is appreciated, people are telling me that. That's all the feedback I wanted."

Neighbour Marj Cramp called the Bay of Plenty Times about Mr Weirs hard work.

"I think its really great that hes done all this," she said.

"He's always there for people. Hes only been here just over a year so hes really been good for the neighbourhood."

"Mr Weir also drove the RSA van once a week and had just joined the neighbourhood watch group," she said.

Papamoa councillor Steve Morris said Mr Weirs work was really, really appreciated.

"Mr Weir is showing real community spirit. Instead of complaining about the situation, hes picking up his brush and doing something about it for his neighbours."