Faye Knaggs is looking forward to the Puma Open later this month.Top darts players from around the country and possibly Australia will be vying for a podium finish at the Puma Open in Tauranga this month.

The event is being hosted for the first time by the Club Mount Maunganui dart section and helps players accrue vital points so they can play bigger tournaments in the United Kingdom.

Secretary Faye Knaggs says the one day singles competition kicks offs on Saturday, May 10 at 1pm.

Up to 50 men and at least 20 women are expected to battle it out for honours, she says.


"Registrations are taken on the day so we won't know exact numbers but we're expecting some very good players. You have to attend so many competitions to get the points to be available to go to the worlds in London so this will be an important event for some of them."

Last year Wellington builder Rob Szabo stunned the world of darts when he almost beat 16-time champion Phil (The Power) Taylor at the World Championship in London.

The event is a coup for the club, which hopes to increase its own players, her husband Ray explains.

"We joined Club Mount Maunganui over 20 years ago and became involved with darts when they invited members to play. Once you have a go you get hooked and don't want to stop. It's addictive."

The club wants to attract children aged 12 years and over, he says.

"The age group we are aiming for is those that are at high school. The reason is a lot of people can play rugby and physical sports and then there are those that don't and that is the ones we want. They can still play for the region and the country if they want to."

Following the Puma Open, the club will hold its annual Mothers Day tournament on Sunday May 11.

A popular event it attracts players from as far afield as the greater Waikato and Auckland areas.

Anyone who wants to sponsor the Dart Players Puma Open Tournament can contact Faye on 5758689 or 0274748061.