Children at Bayfair today were treated to a lesson in the importance of recycling as Sustainable Coastlines tried to introduce new behavior to protect our beaches.

Bayfair Shopping Centre has a long standing commitment to sustainability and put on the workshop which was provided by Sustainable Coastlines.

Rubbish collected from New Zealand beaches was brought along for children to use to make artwork while they learnt about the dangers of waste getting into the ocean.

Sustainable Coastlines creative projects manager Chris Cochrane said the charity was trying to engage the younger generation to teach them the positive impacts of recycling.


"In school, picking up rubbish is a punishment...One of our biggest challenges is trying to teach them, in a fun way, the effect it has on marine life."

Kids were getting behind the workshop and taking the messages on board.

Street view: What is the most important thing you have learnt about rubbish today?

"Not to throw it out. It's bad for the ocean and the animals." - Aaliyah Samuels-Proctor, 12, Bayfair
"Don't throw it out on the streets cause it might go down the drains and kill the fish." - Manaia Samuels, 11, Bayfair
"That if you don't recycle you're going to kill the fish by the oil getting into the sea." - Maia Fenwick, 10, Otumoetai
"If you throw rubbish on the ground you're littering." - Olive Sunderland, 5, Matua