More than half of Tauranga residents say they consume too many soft drinks, with a fifth drinking fizzy more than five times a week.

Figures released today by Southern Cross Healthcare Group showed 27 per cent of Tauranga residents under 40 years old drink more than five services a week.

However, 55 per cent of those under 40 knew it, saying they drank too many soft drinks.

By comparison, 67 per cent of Tauranga residents aged over 40 drank no soft drinks at all - the highest in New Zealand.


The annual health survey showed 35 per cent of New Zealanders thought they drank too many soft drinks, with 16 per cent of the population consuming more than five a week.

The survey asked people about their eating habits.

Nationally, 43 per cent of people surveyed said they did not drink fizzy at all and 20 per cent reported having one a week.

Aside from soft drinks two other foods people feel they over-consumed were chocolate/lollies (41 per cent) and biscuits (30 per cent).

The majority of New Zealanders regularly ate fruit (66 per cent) and vegetables (75 per cent) more than five times a week with Wellingtonians consuming more fruit and vegetables than the rest of the country.

The survey was conducted by TNS the online survey of around 2000 randomly selected New Zealanders was carried out in September 2013. Responses were weighted to be representative of the New Zealand over 15 population by age, gender and region.