Tauranga's first Christmas baby surprised his parents and was delivered almost two weeks early.

Arthur Douglas Cox was due on January 6 but was born at 1.59pm on Christmas Day.

Second time mum Katie Cox said her waters broke late Christmas Eve after dinner.

"He came as a bit of a surprise, we haven't even had Christmas yet."


However, there were no complications and she she gave birth naturally.

At 3.06kg and 51cm Arthur was in the average weight and height range for new-born babies, said Mrs Cox.

She said Arthur's name would probably get shortened to Arty and Douglas was a family name.

Because Arthur was the first-born Christmas baby, Tauranga Hospital's Maternity staff spoiled him with a decorated bassinet, a hand-made quilt and other little goodies.

Mrs Cox said he slept well through his first night and had been feeding well. Arthur's big brother 2-year-old Angus is looking forward to meeting his baby brother and celebrating Christmas late with the rest of the family.