Labour Minister Simon Bridges has announced a new era in workplace health and safety.
Today marks the opening of WorkSafe NZ, the new stand-alone Crown regulator dedicated to health and safety.
Mr Bridges said too many people were killed or seriously injured in our workplaces and the injury rate must come down.
"WorkSafe NZ has high targets and will work with other Government agencies, businesses, and workers to reduce the fatalities, serious injuries and illnesses caused in the workplace.
"WorkSafe NZ has unprecedented funding, a clear mandate, more of a focus on education and prevention, and will take a lead role in meeting the Government's target to reduce the rate of serious injury and death by 25 per cent by 2020."
Mr Bridges said the regulator's role was critical.
"It educates, engages and enforces - but it cannot achieve the step-change we require in workplace health and safety on its own."
WorkSafe takes on the frontline inspectorate and the support functions from the former Health and Safety group in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.