Astream of people filed through Bayfair Lotto yesterday hoping their ticket would be the million-dollar first-division winner.

The winning ticket was sold at the store but last night remained unclaimed.

The big win comes a week after the shop sold a winning second-division ticket worth more than $8000.

Shop assistant Sharyn Burns said she had been flat out checking tickets and paying out small winnings.


The paperwork was all ready to go if the big winner came to the store but she did not expect him or her to.

"I'd say they're in Wellington. That's where I'd be," she said.

Bayfair Lotto owner Maurice Parker said it was the biggest win he had seen since taking over the store a year ago.

"We're happy with that. We're always happy with something like that," he said. "Things are looking up. We'll have to wait and see during the next few days. It could be anybody. It'll make somebody happy."

Earlier this year, Bayfair Lotto was named the the Western Bay's luckiest outlet. The store sold a total of 51,224 winning tickets last year, equating to winnings of $905,460.

The weekend's win comes just two weeks after a ticket bought at Girven Rd Micromart won a customer $685,354. The store had also sold a $25,000 second-division ticket the week before. The region's biggest win was from AJ's store in Devonport Rd - a $27million winning ticket in September 2012.

The Big Wednesday prize was claimed by a local man, who described himself as a "typical Kiwi bloke".

Powerball was not struck at the weekend and has jackpotted to $7million.

Anyone who bought a ticket from Bayfair Lotto should write his or her name on the back of the ticket and check it at or a Lotto outlet.