In my experience, Simon Bridges doesn't usually avoid calls or emails from journalists and in most cases appears confident in speaking to them.

However, last time I sought comment from him I was disappointed at what I got back. His words mimicked those I had already received from the government organisation related to the story.

I had their stance and as MP for Tauranga, I wanted his.

Yesterday we brought you the story of Mr Bridges' war of words with broadcaster John Campbell. According to Mr Bridges, Mr Campbell wants him to participate in a pre-recorded interview on the issue of deep-sea oil exploration near Kaikoura.


Mr Bridges has declined, saying he's already participated in a lengthy interview with the show on the same issue, which was never used, and doesn't want to risk his comments being edited down to a couple of embarrassing lines.

However, the story continues in today's edition with Campbell Live's producer saying as a Cabinet minister Mr Bridges is "accountable to the people of New Zealand".

The producer says the show has been working on the Anadarko oil story for more than a week and has repeatedly tried to get Mr Bridges on the show and has offered him a live interview.

Mr Bridges is the Energy and Resources Minister and the public deserves to hear direct from him, in his own words.

While a live interview would have been ideal, and was supported by Mr Bridges, other commitments meant he was unable to appear on the Auckland-based show on Tuesday night.

News moves daily and if he was out of the country he could have released a statement to Campbell Live, outlining his position on the oil exploration, not ignored the show's attempts to make contact.

Regardless of how it happens, the pair need to come to a compromise that allows the public to hear direct from the minister on such an important economic and environmental issue.