A Tauranga company director convicted for drunk-driving for the third time within five years told police "who cares?" when asked to explain why she decided to drink-and-drive again.

Alison Kay Hockly, 53, had consumed a large amount of wine before she was caught driving at almost four times the limit on May 22.

Another motorist following behind Hockly's black Audi had to suddenly come to a halt as Hockly stopped in the outside lane on the Waihi Rd/Takitimu Drive flyover that afternoon.

Hockly then drove towards Elizabeth St weaving between lanes and almost hitting a barrier, before crossing over all three lanes.


In Ngatai Rd, she crossed into the oncoming traffic lane, and almost collided with parked cars, before crossing back into the correct lane, before driving into a driveway in Ngatai Rd.

Another motorist following behind grabbed Hockly's car keys and held them until police arrived.

Hockly denied drinking despite smelling strongly of alcohol and failing a roadside breath test. She refused to accompany police to the police station.

When warned to comply Hockly replied: "Go on arrest me then, because I'm not coming".

She was arrested and blew an excess breath alcohol of 1519 micrograms at the police station.

When asked why she had decided to drink and drive she stated "who cares?"

26 Sep, 2013 9:00am
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Hockly, 53, who earlier admitted reckless driving, driving with an excess breath alcohol (3rd or subsequent offence) and refusing to accompany a police officer, was sentenced to seven months' home detention.

Tauranga District Court Judge Robert Wolff also disqualified Hockly from driving for six months, and ordered her to apply for a zero-alcohol interlock licence.

It means she can only drive a car - after her disqualification ends - if an alcohol interlock breathalyser device is fitted to the vehicle, and she blows a zero breath alcohol sample.

Hockly, who is listed on the NZ Companies Office register as a director of three business entities - Cameron Park Investments Limited, FKL Limited and ALIKAY Limited, has completed an eight-week rehabilitation programme since her offending came to light. Hockly's husband said his wife was "very remorseful" when the Bay of Plenty Times visited the home last night.

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senior Sergeant Ian Campion said Hockly's actions and attitude were concerning.

"We do see all sorts of attitudes and excuses and we get told that we should be out catching criminals," he said. "But drink drivers kill and maim a significant number of New Zealanders each year."

The fact the woman was caught in the middle of the afternoon had potential for disaster, he added. "The scary thing is that they are out there sharing the road with us and our friends and family. This is exacerbated particularly around school pick up and drop off times."