Bosun the dog has found a new family.

A story about the 5-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback/corgi and his need for a new home was published in last week's Bay of Plenty Times Weekend.

His late owner had been anxious to find a new home for the dog before he died last month.

Pensioner Alan Rittey asked Tauranga Vets for their assistance to find a new family for his pet after finding out he was dying. John and Suzy Crimmins, who have adopted Bosun, have two young boys - Arthur, 4, and Clive, 2.


"Now we have another," Mr Crimmins said.

The Bureta couple were inspired by Mr Rittey's dying wish and decided to enquire at the vet clinic.

"To take care of Bosun's welfare before taking care of his own, he obviously loved him very much," Mr Crimmins said.

He said his wife had been "nagging" him for a dog for a long time.

"Then I was reading the article at work. I thought he would be so suitable."

The family picked Bosun up earlier this week and he had settled in seamlessly, even becoming a bit of a local identity.

"It's pretty funny going for walks with Bosun at the moment," Mr Crimmins said.

"Everyone seems to know him or knew Alan. People stop us in the street like he's a celebrity."


Plans of Bosun sleeping in the laundry room have been brushed aside as the social pooch has taken to sleeping with Arthur on his bed at night.

"The boys love him, and he certainly seems to love them back.

"We've never taken in an adult dog before.

"As soon as he came in, he seemed to know it was home."

As Mr Crimmins talks, the boys run around with Bosun at the rear of the family's Bureta Rd home. "It couldn't have worked out better," Mr Crimmins said.