Recycling is second nature to many Kiwis at home and National Recycling Week (November 12-18) is an opportunity to take good habits into the workplace and schools.

Many schools and preschools already have efficient recycling systems in place - especially those involved in the Paper4trees programme, which provides schools with an in-house paper and cardboard recycling system free of charge.

Paper4trees is managed by the Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust (EERST), a not for profit, Bay of Plenty based organisation.

EERST, through Paper4trees, provides schools and preschools with 30-litre green plastic recycling bins for every room where paper and cardboard is generated. These bins are hardy and easy to use, giving students the opportunity to take charge and often results in more paper and cardboard being recycled and reduced disposal fees.


Te Awamutu Primary School teacher Anne Mackey says it is a wonderful programme.

"My class love their recycling duties, the prestige that goes with it and the knowledge that they are helping to reduce the ecological footprint of our school."

EERST also provides an incentive to recycle - free native plants. Paper4trees rewards schools and preschools with one native plant for every two cubic metres of paper and cardboard they recycle or divert from landfill, hence the name, Paper4trees.

Paper4trees is looking for more potential sponsors.

Does your business want to be involved with an initiative that encourages more than 250,000 Kiwi kids to get hands on experience in waste minimisation?

An initiative that enables teaching staff to educate their students about native flora and fauna?

A programme that provides the resources schools and preschools need to make recycling a reality?

Then become a Paper4trees sponsor. Contact EERST to hear the options on 0800 727 4873 or email