A CrossFit competition has been launched to help raise money for local charity Waipuna Hospice.

The event which is being organised by CrossFit Fortus Tauranga is hoped to attract teams and people from the local community.

CrossFit co-owner Kirsten Tulloch said the event was all about having fun and taking part in good-spirited competition while raising funds for a worthy local cause.

The crossfit style event will take place from 10.00am to 12.00pm for teams of three members, there will be a variety of random activities which will include tyres and chains - the details of the actual activities are being kept a secret.


For those into weight lifting, an individual bench press competition will be held at 1.30pm with the award going to the winner who can bench press their weight as often as they can.

Ms Tulloch said the press bench activity consists of short reps with heavy weights which would be challenging.

The winner of the crossfit style teams event will be crowned winners of this year's Tauranga's Toughest Business Challenge Award.

Ms Tulloch said she hoped to make the event an annual one.

Winners of the team crossfit and the individual bench press event will receive one month's free training gym membership.

Entry fee per team is $50 and $5 for those participating in the individual benchpress event.

The aim is to raise more than $1000 for Waipuna Hospice.

To enter contact Kirsten Tulloch at CrossFit Fortus Tauranga on 021 261 7351 or email: kirsten@crossfitfortus.co.nz.