The Tauranga parents of a young woman strangled to death in January 2005 joined hundreds of other families at a protest march in Auckland yesterday.

Brian and Lynette Brown's 24-year-old daughter Natasha Hayden was slain by Tauranga man Michael Curran at McLaren Falls on January 10, 2005.

Curran was granted bail by a High Court judge on July 7, 2005 after four unsuccessful bail applications and while awaiting trial he murdered 2-year-old Tauranga toddler Aaliyah Morrissey on September 13, 2005.

The Browns have pledged their support for a law reform campaign "Christie's Law" launched outside the High Court at Auckland yesterday named in honour of Christie Marceau, 18, who was killed at her North Shore home on November 7 last year.


Christie's parents and the Browns believe a law change making it tougher for violent offenders to get bail would save lives. Just like the Marceaus, Mr Brown said he and his wife wanted more accountability for judges. "And when a judge declines someone bail that should be the end of it. We don't want to see any more double or triple dipping by lawyers in the legal aid trough trying to get bail for their clients."

Mr Brown said he estimated up to 800 people joined the protest march down Queen St and he was pleased overall by the response to his speech. "But how we harness that enthusiasm and motivate others to join the fight is the big question."

- additional reporting APN