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The next step has been taken to open up Tauranga's cemetery at Pyes Pa to exclusive burial areas catering for religious and ethnic minorities.
Tauranga City Council yesterday agreed to go out for targeted public consultation on a draft policy to allow exclusive burial areas.
Groups like the multi-cultural council, funeral directors, the Tangata Whenua Collective and the Tauranga Ministers Association will be canvassed for their opinions before the policy comes back for a final decision.
The Pyes Pa Cemetery currently runs on a non-denomination basis, with no allowance for different areas to be set aside for exclusive use.
Council has been forced to reconsider its policy when a Muslim boy died late last year and the family sought to bury their son in an exclusive area for Muslims, rather than take him to Hamilton or Auckland for burial.
 In an atmosphere of urgency, it was agreed to set aside a small area of five plots in the cemetery.
The Exclusive Brethren also want to be buried apart from everyone else.
Mayor Stuart Crosby sparked humour at the meeting when he said: "The question is how much do we consult with those people that are affected", quickly adding, "That's probably the wrong way to put it."