Hayden Sheard is working in his dream job.

As a member of the Royal New Zealand Air Force Black Falcons aerobatic team, he is also the envy of little boys everywhere.

Many of which were in the crowd at the Tauranga City Air Show today to catch a glimpse of Sheard and four other pilots take the Black Falcons to the sky above Tauranga Airport.

A range of other classic planes were also on display including the Beech Texan T6Cs, which were together as a team in Tauranga for the first time.


Due to low cloud coverage, the Black Falcons were not able to display their full routine which normally included barrel rolls and loops but a dynamic synchronised show was enjoyed by thousands of spectators.

Sheard has been flying in the Falcon Four position with the Black Falcons for two seasons.

"It is a lot of fun and it's a really challenging form of flying that does require a lot of teamwork."

He said perfecting the display was all down to a lot of hours practising in the sky.

Sheard had been in the Royal New Zealand Air Force for the past 17 years and was a Flight Commander at the Central Flying School and was an A-Category Qualified Flying and Helicopter Instructor.

He said coming to the Tauranga City Air Show and putting on an aerobatic display raised awareness about the Air Force.

"It's a good way for us to demonstrate to the public what the Royal New Zealand Air Force does and it's great getting to travel to smaller places who may not have seen us before."

Sheard was originally from Katikati and said he loved coming back to the Bay every chance he could.


"A lot of people really enjoy the show and it's great to be able to come home and put on a display."