A new decade. Where were you and what were you doing 10 years ago?
Here's my 10 year wrap.

I dare you to REALLY think back over your last decade. How was it?

Ten years ago I was in Whangārei, hosting a breakfast show, in my mid 20s, living in a sweet house by the water with baby dolphins swimming past at the bottom of my driveway, playing cricket for Northland B, thinking I knew WAY more than I did and that life — both career and relationship — was following the path I had planned for myself.

I was also almost 20kg heavier and was struggling with tinnitus (permanent ringing) in both my ears that had just randomly started. Depression. Booo.


So we bought a rabbit and named him Murray. We taught him to pee in a litter box. He lived for seven years and was a great pet. He was also an expensive pet ... turns out rabbits become incontinent old men in later life. Turns out they cost a lot at the vet. And that rabbit pee is hard to get out of carpet.

I've been to a bunch of countries, some for work, some for play, some for both — nod to Tonga for both.

While in Whangārei I bought my first house and moved in. Five weeks later I got offered the radio gig in the Bay. Moved out. Went travelling for a little. Moved to Merivale.

A year later moved to the Mount. Lived a sweet life by the beach.

My sister birthed a human. Couple of years later she birthed another one. Mighty fine of her to provide me the cutest nephews.

Long term relationship broke up. Rough times. Real rough. Man did I learn a lot about myself. I think I'll always have some guilt and sadness there. But, in the end, I think that makes you a better partner.

Married 150 couples. I'm not a polygamist. I'm a celebrant. Did one funeral. RIP Kristie Purton.

Figured out the meaning of life; love. Love for something (firstly yourself, then others, other things) is the meaning for me. But the meaning of life is different for everyone.


Sixteen years in radio this year. Love it even more than the day I started. Thought I knew everything about radio back then (cringe), think I know nothing now. Had some decent health scares.

Cried a lot to a counsellor. She is a legend ... I owe her a lot of tissues.

Met the love of my life. Finally felt that feeling.

Am grossly in love. It's yuck for everyone but us. I care not. Deal with it or look away!

Built a house and moved in with said love.

Put a ring on said love.
Love, love, love.

Really climbed a few rungs of the adult ladder very quickly. I'm 36, 'bout time.

The last 10 years have made me realise, sometimes the hard way, that people are who they are at that moment. All of that is totally okay, it's about figuring out who you are right now and either loving that, or changing it if you're not happy. But it's also about taking a risk.

Life is risk.

— Will Johnston is the local 9am-3pm host for The Hits Bay of Plenty 95FM. He's also a celebrant and MC. Follow Will on Instagram on @radiowill.