Whanganui High School had a less than memorable day on Tuesday at its annual sports exchange with New Plymouth Girls' High School.

The schools tested each other in hockey, netball, basketball and football at both senior and junior level with hosts Whanganui High School only winning both the A1 and A2 netball exchanges at senior level, but losing both Junior A1 and A2 match-ups.

In the senior A1 netball clash, the Phillips Electrical WHS side continued its winning ways as the only unbeaten side in the Netball Whanganui Premier competition.

WHS lost all other exchanges with the visitors.


WHS sports co-ordinator Lisa Murphy said NPGH was traditionally a strong sporting school, particularly in basketball, football and hockey.

"Results didn't all go our way this time. They are traditionally strong in most sports and even the netball," Murphy said.

SCORES AT A GLANCE (WHS teams first):
Girls Hockey lost 3-1
Phillips Electrical A1 Netball won 35-24
A2 Netball won 32-27
Girls Football lost 5-2
Junior Basketball lost 91-33
JA1 Netball lost 31-21
JA2 Netball lost 24-20
Senior Basketball lost 75-53