A Whanganui team of five men and five women are two ties away from winning back-to-back BNZ Inter-Association National Super Vets Badminton titles after an unbeaten run in six ties.

Dave Berry, Kevin Ross, Chris Burtt, Paul Crocker and Marton Lubransky make up the men's contingent, while Jocelyn Cranston, Eugenie Gray, Sue Haden, Donna Ryan and Sue Woodin form the women's component.

The Whanganui side are one point clear of Taranaki who have played six ties and lost one and two points ahead of Waitakere 1 and Counties-Manukau who have played six and lost two in the nine-team competition.

Since the competition began in June, Whanganui has beaten Waitakere 1 (7-2), Counties-Manukau (8-1) and Waitakere 2 (9-0) and now only has to beat second-placed Taranaki and seventh-placed Waitakere 3 in Feilding this Saturday to claim the National Super Vets title.


Team captain and former New Zealand age group representative Ross said parts of this team had played together at various stages for many years and most combined to win this title last year.

"We have two ties to go this weekend against Taranaki and Waitakere 3, but Taranaki will be the tough one," Ross said.

"There are various scenarios if we lose to second-placed Taranaki, including going to countback, but we've all played enough badminton to be bothered investigating all scenarios before the tie. We'll just go in wit the intention of winning and do our best."