Two parents tricked their disgusted daughters into thinking they had accidentally cooked a pregnant turkey on Thanksgiving - before reminding them that birds actually lay eggs.

A video uploaded to YouTube Friday shows three girls being asked to scoop the stuffing out of the cooked turkey, as the family seems about to carve the bird for dinner.

The three girls obey and don't look too thrilled pulling stuffing out of the bird in the first place. But their mild discomfort escalates to full-blown disgust when one of them starts pulling something out of the turkey - that turns out to be another bird, this one raw.

All of them fall silent, with a look of shock on their faces, and walk away from the birds. "It was pregnant!" the mother says in the background - a biological improbability that doesn't seem to register immediately.


As the shock wears off, the girls start giggling. One of them disappears behind a curtain while another clutches her stomach.

"I can't do this right now," one of them says, laughing. Another curls up on an armchair and asks: "Can I not eat turkey?"

Their father steps back behind the kitchen counter and grabs the raw, smaller bird, explaining: "Turkeys have eggs, they don't have babies.

"This is a raw Cornish hen, it was put in there, okay? It's a joke.Turkeys have eggs. Like chickens."

Even after joke was explained, one of the girls says: 'We cannot eat that!'
She adds: "That's a sick joke.'"

The father replies, as he takes the raw bird to the sink: "It is a joke. It was funny."

The three girls agree that it was not - while the mother appears to be laughing to the point of tears behind the camera.