A Geelong man who adopted a stray dog he found on the side of a busy road in Greece has raised the thousands of dollars needed to bring her to Australia.

Jacob Welsh found Chance lying in a pile of smashed glass and gave her a pat - and she's been by his side ever since.

But with his time in Greece coming to an end and attempts to find Chance a European home unsuccessful, "the sad reality of her going back on the streets" was all too real, Welsh says.

Fortunately, the bond will continue after a GoFundMe page to cover the cost of Chance's flights, vaccinations and quarantine smashed through the A$3000 target within two days.


"She will not spend another night on the street thanks to all the help we've received," Welsh posted to Facebook.

The money will give her "one last shot at having a good home", he said.

Before Welsh had the opportunity to close the fundraiser at about midnight local time today, donations reached A$5334 from 223 people in two days.

"At least you'll have an extra 2k to be able to get her some nice stuff," Beau Smith posted on the GoFundMe page.

1 Process takes from seven months to two years.
2 At least six months prior to export to Australia, the dog must be microchipped, vaccinated for rabies and pass a blood test proving it is rabies- free
3 In the months before departure, the dog has to be treated for various infections and parasites including ticks and roundworm
4 Five days before the flight, the dog must pass a vet check
5 For at least 10 days after the flight, the dog must stay at a quarantine facility