It's been a rough month for Britain, a country that is sailing into a vast mist of uncertainty with no captain at the helm and barely a breeze in its sails.

Its two presumptive leaders in Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage have been forced to walk the plank or jump ship and the possibility of a mass mutiny still threatens to scupper the whole vessel.

After the referendum the UK saw a wave of hate crimes, a polish community centre in West London was defaced with hate speech and there have been numerous reports of racist incidents and attacks.

This week, in a more altruistic turn, one anonymous east Londoner left out a pot of flowers in Hackney with a note on it saying: "If you are a migrant to the UK, please take a flower and know you are welcome here."


This isn't the only effort to counter the xenophobia that has spiked since the referendum - last month one woman started a campaign called #SafetyPin to show solidarity with the UK's migrant population.