Katie Price, the former Page 3 model, has admitted she has never voted before - despite having stood for parliament. The mother-of-five made the admission as she revealed she was still "confused" over which way to vote in tomorrow's referendum during a debate on Channel 4.

However, this is far from the former model's first foray into the political arena, having stood as an independent promising free holidays on the NHS back in 2001.

Ms Price - who was then known as Jordan - stood in the Stretford and Urmston constituency of Greater Manchester, telling voters: "I know it will take a big swing to win the seat but there's no bigger swinger than me."

Backed by the Daily Star, she ran under the slogan "Vote Jordan for a bigger and betta future". It wasn't a success: she polled just over 700 votes in the end - and it appears she didn't even cast a ballot for herself.


Speaking during the EU debate this evening, Ms Price revealed she would vote for the first time tomorrow, but still couldn't decide whether to back the Leave or Remain campaigns.
'Well believe it or not, I came here confused, and I am more confused,' she said. 'I've never voted before, I feel I am pressured I have to vote this time,
'Lot's of my friends are in, some are out, I'm asking them lots of questions.

"My son's got disabilities, so in my case, I'm thinking, what would be the best for his future, for the NHS, if he goes on holiday. Do I think of myself as a family, or the country? I am just confused. This has made it confusing."

The Channel 4 debate, which had an audience of 150, equal parts Leave, Remain and undecided, ended with 52 per cent of the audience backing staying in the European Union.