If you're in the market for a new car, this one might catch your eye.

Listed among family run-arounds on the United Kingdom's Auto Trader website, it is in immaculate condition, boasts less than 10,000km on the clock and has a top-of-the-range interior.

The only problem is that you might have to re-set the satnav - as its careful previous owner has left it programmed to take her home to Windsor.

For this is the Bentley used by the Queen during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


The 2012 Bentley Mulsanne was used exclusively by the sovereign for over two years, and can now be bought on the car-selling website for just under £200,000 ($412,000).
In the rare shade of Barnato Green - named in honour of 1920s British racing driver Woolf Barnato - it ferried her to No 10 and events across the capital to mark 60 years of her reign. And with a 6.75-litre engine, the luxurious vehicle would have made short work of the trip between the Queen's Berkshire residence and Buckingham Palace.

A description on the Auto Trader listing - which describes it as 'ex-Royal Household' - adds that it has a beige leather interior, automatic air conditioning, cruise control, 20in alloy wheels and a rain sensor. In case you tire of waving to your adoring crowds, there is also an in-car entertainment system.

However the advert notes that the vehicle has 'new bodywork' - suggesting that any bulletproof glass or armoured plates have been removed.

The car has been put up for sale by collector Simon Gregg, who acquired it after it was retired from the Queen's fleet in 2014. It is on offer through Mr Gregg's Surrey dealership, Bramley Motor Cars.

"I try to find cars that have an interesting history," the 40-year-old said. "This was a real find for two reasons - firstly, cars used by the Queen rarely come to the market, and also I am a huge fan of her.

"This car was used to transport her on numerous occasions throughout her Jubilee year, including to the Cabinet meeting at Downing Street and on the day of her Jubilee celebrations in London."

Despite a Royal procession usually travelling at 9mph, the Bentley can reach a top speed of 184mph - and can go from 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds. However it consumes fuel at a rate of 16.7miles to the gallon, and any new owner will pay a premium for the Royal connection - as comparable Bentleys on Auto Trader cost around £70,000 less.

It is not the first of the Queen's cars be sold on the open market, either. Her Jaguar X-Type Sovereign was recently picked up for a snip at just £15,000.

A spokesman for Auto Trader said: "It's not unusual for buyers to find vehicles previously owned by celebrities on Auto Trader. But it's not every day you'll find an official Royal car, used by the Queen for some of her most special and recent events." Buckingham Palace declined to comment.