A Sydney man has had a fine time handing over almost NZ$30,000 to clear more than 180 traffic tickets.

The eastern suburbs man is one of more than 61,000 people who have taken advantage of a NSW government amnesty to pay about NZ$86 million in overdue fines.

Finance Minister Greg Pearce said 320,779 late fines were paid during the six-week moratorium on enforcement, or late, fees, which ended on July 31.

Fines for traffic offences such as using a mobile phone while driving netted NZ$21.5 million, while 77,300 parking fines worth NZ$12 million were paid.


About NZ$9.6 million worth of overdue speeding fines were paid, along with NZ$5.8 million for offences on public transport and NZ$1.67 million in toll evasion fines.

Mr Pearce said the offer was about helping people clear debts.

"The longer fines remain unpaid, the tougher the penalties will be, ranging from the suspension of a driver's licence to the garnisheeing of wages,'' he said today.

Those who can't pay a fine in one go should look at an instalment plan, he said.