The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is appealing to New Zealanders who may have been in an area affected by the Boxing Day tsunami, and their families and friends, to make contact so an accurate record can be made of missing people. The Ministry also wants to hear back from people who may earlier have advised of a missing person who they now know to be safe.

To contact MFAT, ring

0800 432 111

(from within New Zealand) or

+64 4 439 8670

(from outside New Zealand) or email either



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Below are messages from Herald readers seeking information. They are listed in the order received, with newest messages on top. The Herald is not able to verify information contained in these messages.


I am looking for a friend

Rabia Bullough

who was supposed to be in Thailand around Christmas time, I don't know if she was in the disaster area, but I have heard nothing from her as yet, just want to know she is safe. Eyenta (14.01.2005)

* * *

Jo Donaldson

and her father have been confirmed safe. (11.01.2005)

* * *

My brother,

David Mason

, is currently travelling around the world and the last I heard he was in New Zealand. However, I know he said he would be travelling around Christmas time and I also know many people from NZ travel to Thailand etc. I have no idea if he was caught up in the tsunami tragedy or if he is safe in NZ. He is 34-years-old and English - Andrea Knapp

* * *


is a New Zealander, a yoga teacher from Wellington, who was travelling in Thailand for the Holidays. I last heard from her a couple of weeks before the tsunami when she was in Koh Chang Ranong on the west coast of Thailand near Burma. I would greatly appreciate any news of her. - Ari Harel (08.01.2005)

* UPDATE: Jyoti Addison is confirmed safe. (11.01.2005)

* * *

I have a friend visiting Sri Lanka over the Christmas period. Her name is

Menaka Saravanaperumal

. I do not know of her exact location or if she has travelled alone or with her family. She is 20 years old, resides in Waterloo, Lower Hutt. She currently a student at Victoria University. Notification of her whereabouts will be much appreciated. - Amy Leung (08.01.2005)

* UPDATE: Menaka Saravanaperumal is back at home safe. - Amy Leung (24.01.2005)

* * *

Shane Street

, 23, of Carterton, had been at Phuket but on the day of the tsunami left a phone message for his father saying he was thinking about travelling inland away from the coast. No further contact had been made until yesterday, when his uncle Terry Crook, also of Carterton, received an email from Mr Street. "He had gone hiking and camping and had just got out of the bush," Mr Crook told the

Dominion Post

. "He was aware that a tsunami had struck India but had no idea it had hit close to where he was. He got quite a shock when he got out." (08.01.2005)

* * *

Philip Blake

, who is the son of Sir Peter's first cousin Warren Blake, survived by driving his (11m) motor yacht Lady Olivia directly into the wave. The 25-year-old was leading a convoy of six motor yachts up Malaysia's west coast to the Thai island of Phuket when he encountered the tsunami. He steered the boat into the wave to avoid being rolled. None of the people in his group was injured. (08.01.2005)

* * *

A work colleague and his family have been holidaying in Thailand. I am not entirely sure of their location. His name is

Tony Parker

and he lives in Papakura, South Auckland. Has anyone heard from him? - Clarence van der Wel (07.01.2005)

* * *

I received information from the New Zealand Consulate General in Los Angeles that

Nicolai Heath Joyce

is alive and well. He is reported to have called his mother in Christchurch to say that he survived and is safe. - Richard Collier Sears, New Zealand Honorary Consul, San Francisco (07.01.2005)

* * *

Brent Papworth

and Girlfriend


traveling to Thailand and not sure of their plans. Would like to know if they are safe. - Karen Hall (07.01.2005)

* * *

Graham Neilsen,

Maldives has made contact and is safe and well. - Annamaree Menzies (07.01.2005)

* * *

Any info on

Hitesh Maisuria

(from Kelston AKLD) who was visiting the home lands in India along with his mum, dad and two younger sisters. Last heard from Hitesh was before Boxing Day. Friends want/need to know if he and family are safe and ok. Theresa "TREEs" Lane (07.01.2005)

* UPDATE: He called me today from Gujarat, and Hitesh and his family are well, they left Kerala 2 days before the Tsunami - Tarsha Ieremia

* * *

Andrew Griffiths

is now in Padang (Sumatra). Padang itself appears to have escaped completely as have most of the Mentawais but Nias is the main concern, see report on - Colin Griffiths (07.01.2005)

* * *

Penny and Byron Taka

arrived back in New Zealand from Thailand on Jan 6. (06.01.2005)

* * *

Paul Macnicol

, a Kiwi tour guide in Vietnam Cambodia and Thailand, got back to Vietnam before the tsunami hit. - Gina Coatsworth (06.01.2005)

* * *

We are friends of

Jason Dunlop

, a New Zealander from Wellington. He left one week prior to Christmas to travel to Phuket and further travel around Asia with his Canadian girlfriend. He is not answering emails and we have no news. - Ferne King (06.01.2005)

* * *

We are desperate to hear any news of our friend

Simone Grace

last heard from in Sri Lanka on Christmas Day. I am unsure of her itinerary and therefore her exact whereabouts at the time I received the text. I have made calls daily to the UK cellphone number I have for her (an from which I received the text) but have had no reply. If anyone has heard from Simone I would love to know. - Kylie Cooke (06.01.2005)

* UPDATE (08.01.2005): The

Los Angeles Times


New Zealand tourist Simone Grace, 32, said that as she fought for her life in a swirl of glass, knives and blunt objects after the waves roared through her hotel in Unawatuna that morning, she found herself engaged in a profound internal debate.

"In those 10 seconds facing death, I really thought hard about whether I should or shouldn't revert to religion," said Grace, a lapsed Roman Catholic, as she sat beside a stone statue of the Hindu god Ganesh.

Grace, who works in costume and film production in London, said she decided against a last-minute conversion, though the disaster had left her mulling weighty questions about death, life and her place in it all.

Organized religion provides solace to many, she noted. Still, she'd rather not be part of something that can divide people and engender intolerance.

"I'd just say I believe in a universal force," she added.

Full story at

* * *

Looking for a friend and ex work mate -

Judy Chandra

- she travelled to Indonesia for her brother's wedding. Does anybody have any news on her? - Deon M Maritz (06.01.2005)

* UPDATE: This morning recieved an e-mail from Judy - she returned to NZ on 04/01/05 and is safe and well. She was in KL when the Tsunami hit. - Deon M Maritz (07.01.2005)

* * *

I have a work colleague

Bernard Wong

who is on holiday in Bangkok. He did indicate to me before he left that he and his family (wife and 2 kids) were intending to go to Phuket as well. We last heard from him on 23 Dec 04. Numerous phone calls to his cellphone and email have not been replied. - Paul Yeo (06.01.2005)

* UPDATE: Bernard Wong has been confirmed safe. (11.01.2005)

* * *

Two employees are known to have been travelling separately to Sri Lanka over the Christmas period and there has been no contact from them. Has anyone heard from

Chitaalatha Ranhotigamage


Udyani Ginige

or their families of Auckland? - Wendy Davis (06.01.2005)

* * *

Looking for information on

Stuart Cooper and his wife

, Stuart is a work colleague and he travelled to Sri Lanka on the 23/24 Dec for holiday break. Stuart is an expat living and working in NZ, originally British resident - hoping to find some news of their whereabouts - can anyone please help. Stuart's wife is leading doctor at one of the hospitals in the Waikato region. - Ian Cox (06.01.2005)

* UPDATE: I work with Stuart Cooper's wife and I had an email 3 days after the tsunami to say that they are fine. - Wendy Lawrence (07.01.2005)

* * *

Our work colleague

Sarath Nanayakkara and his wife and son

traveled to Sri Lanka on the 14th of December. And haven't been in contact yet. Any information would be appreceiated. - Jill Thiele (06.01.2005)

* UPDATE: Sarath Nanayakkara and family are alive and well missed it all by half an hour. Due back in NZ on the 10th of January. - Jill Thiele (07.01.2005)

* * *

Need information about my brother,

Kevin Baston

- New Zealander living in Australia. No contact since Dec. 21, was going to Thailand sometime over the Christmas period. Thanks, Dale Baston. (05.01.2005)

* UPDATE: Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade informed me today that Kevin Baston (my brother) could not have been in the disaster area at the time the tsunami hit. My thanks for your notice board. Regards, Dale Baston. (09.01.2005)

* * *

I am currently wondering of the where abouts of

Nigel Cotton

who is a 33 Yr Old European man from Fielding New Zealand. Nigel is a work collegue and friend of mine who left NZ on the 18th December to surf in Indonesia. Any information would be appreciated. - John Gilbert. (05.01.2005)




Nigel Cotton has been confirmed safe. (11.01.2005)

* * *

Looking to find out if

Debra Janes Shaw

aged 33 from the North Island who has been working in Western Australia in the past 12 months is safe. She was travelling to Thailand on Christmas Day or Boxing Day to backpack around the area. - Her concerned friend Murray in Perth (05.01.2005)

* * *

Louis Chuu Yau Lim


Eri Naomi Taylorare

are our employees who went to visit family in Malaysia on 24th December. We are unsure what areas they were visiting and do not have contact numbers for them we would appreciate any news as to there satety. - Charlotte Gavin (05.01.2005)

* * *

Titus and Anoma de Silva

, who were reported to have been missing in Sri Lanka, are safe in Australia. (05.01.2005)

* * *

2 friends with NZ Passports who live in Brisbane QLD went over to Sri Lanka 17th December to visit relatives. Would like to know that they are OK. Their names are

Seetha and Narendra Hoole

. Thanks. -

Mena Stoke (05.01.2005)

* * *

Ben Campbell

has made contact and he is well. (04.01.2005)

* * *

I am hoping for any news of my friend

Jane Bew

who is a NZ national, married to Luigi and living in Langkawi Island at the time of the tsunami. Any info greatly appreciated. - Kay Mason (04.01.2005)

* UPDATE: Jane Bew is reported safe. (04.01.2005)

* * *

My friend

Tharangi Liyanage

from Auckland went to Sri Lanka over Christmas, don't know where, but I haven't heard anything about her. I would like some information on her and her husband. (03.01.2005)

* UPDATE: I work with her and her husband. Just recently we have received a text message that they are well and safe. (10.01.2005)


Mark Hooker


Stephanie Edwards,

both formerly of Hawkes Bay, now living and working in Malaysia were in Koh Lanta during the Tsunami. They are both safe and uninjured and have travelled back to Kuala Lumpur. - Mark Hooker (03.01.2005)


Looking for

Swendhi David

, her husband


and two daughters, think they left N.Z on about the 17th December heading to Sri Lanka to spend a month with her family. I'm not sure where in Sri Lanka their family is, David is not her proper surname, this is the name they use. They live in Lower Hutt and Swendhi is a kindergarten teacher. Any information on Swendhi and her family would be greatly appreciated - Thank you (03.01.2005)

*UPDATE: Swendhi David, her husband Emanuel and two daughters are safe. (05.01.2004)


Trevor Richards

ex Ohaupo/Hamilton, holidaying in Penang when the tsunami struck is safe and well back in Kuala Lumpur. - Brian Richards (brother) (03.01.2005)


Timothy Martin Watt

has been confirmed safe. (03.01.2005)


Trying to find out if my friend,

Matthew Laing

, is okay. Believe he was to be in Bangkok around Christmas and travelling to Phuket for New Year's. Have tried to reach him via email and have not heard back. (03.01.2005)


Wayne Whitney


Angela Nation


Martyn Howie

who were holidaying in Phuket have returned to Hong Kong and are safe. We were moments away from being on the beach when the killer waves hit. (03.01.2005)


Seeking any information on

Jonathan Cave

. He was potentially in the southern Thailand area at the time of the tsunami. Would just like to know that he is ok. (03.01.2005)

* UPDATE - Jonathan Cave has been confirmed safe. (04.01.2005)


If anyone has any knowledge of

Hartmut Kubitza

and Yacht Vakalele - German national, yacht charterer, based in Phuket - I would appreciate hearing. Hartmut lived in NZ for several years (70s/80s) while building his yacht, before eventually resuming ocean life and establishing in Phuket. - Rachael Feather (03.01.2005)

* * *

Baydon Whitehouse

, male, aged 32 assumed by family and friends to be on holiday in Phuket with his girlfriend and her family. As of 2nd Jan, his family and friends have not heard from him since a few days before Xmas day. Baydon is from Christchurch and is an English teacher in Taiwan. - Brockdin Barr (03.01.2005)


Baydon Whitehouse

has been confirmed safe. (11.01.2005)

* * *

Brett Rigby

, of Napier, and his girlfriend

Anna Barnett

, of Rotorua, who were caught up in the tsunami at Kohlanta in Thailand have been evacuated to Bangkok, where Ms Barnett is receiving treatment for a serious eye infection. Mr Rigby's mother, Dale Rigby, said she had heard from the couple since they were flown to Bangkok and she did not expect them home until next week. (03/01/2005)

* * *

I am trying to find the whereabouts of friends

Patrick Hounsell & Cushla

who were due to be in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka on Boxing day. I would very much appreciate it if anyone had any news. (03/01/2005)

*  UPDATE: Patrick Hounsell and Cushla are reported safe. (05.01.2005)

* * *

Rebecca Woods

has rung her sister in London to say she is safe. She was in Phuket but was not near the coast when the tsunami struck. (03.01.2005)

* * *

Clive Creighton

has been confirmed safe. (03.01.2005)

* * *

Rodney Kirk

has been confirmed safe. (03.01.2005)

* * *

Does anybody have any information regarding

Kyla McGrath

and her partner


, who were visiting family in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit. Kyla was born in Scotland, brought up in Canada and holds NZ citizenship so we are unsure on which passport she would be travelling on. Keith is a New Zealander. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

* UPDATE: Kyla McGrath and Keith arrived home safely yesterday. (05.01.2005)

* * *

Has anyone heard from

Kevin Laoh

, from Saint Kentigern College Auckland who went home to Jakarta to be with his family for Xmas holidays.

* * *

My best friend

Isabella Zohrab

(10) her brother

Alex Zohrab

(12) and her parents

Lesley Adcock


John Zohrab

are in Thailand for the holidays, but have not mentioned their location. Does anybody know where the Zohrabs are, are they OK, have they returned to New Zealand?

*UPDATE: They were never in danger, since they were on the other side of Thailand from the tsunami. I have received news that they are OK. I am not sure if they have returned home yet. - Peter Zohrab (05.01.2005)

* * *

A close friend of mine is on holiday with her sister and parents in India, however, I am not sure of where she was going in India. I have emailed her twice, once on the evening of the news and one recently, but as of yet, I have had no response. Her name is

Yuthika Girme

, from Auckland.

* UPDATE: Yuthika Girme and family are well in India. Her grandmother, who resides in Auckland, has been in contact with all four of them on 29 December and then on 1 January. It is possible that they have just been unable to check emails in India.As far as I understand (they are close family friends), the Girme family is travelling mainly around Maharashtra and further north in India, far away from where the tsunami hit. - Aditya Basrur

* * *

I would be grateful for any information on the whereabouts of

Kelly Johnson

, a New Zealand citizen (currently teaching English on the JET Programme in Japan) who was on holiday in southern Thailand during the time of the tsunami disaster - Paula J Wilson

* * *

I am wanting to know if my good friends

Alexander Sutherland

and his wife

Alison Blain

are safe. They are from Wellington. I know they were going to Thailand before the tsunami and am unsure their movements since - Hilary, Sydney.

* UPDATE: Our best information is that Alex and Alison were staying near the Taj Mahal on Christmas Day. Hopefully this has put them out of harms way.

* * *

Am seeking any information on

Anita Bare

, originally from Christchurch, but residing in Auckland. Visiting her family for Christmas. Any information on her or her family would be truly appreciated. She was going to be in Indonesia.

* * *

Concerned about

Richard (Ricko) Cole


Kirsty Ridling

who are backpacking through Thailand. Their friends in Sydney would be grateful for any news.

* UPDATE: Ricky and Kirsty are in Hanoi Vietnam,safe and well. Flying to Bangkok 2/1/05 - Nicola and Craig McKenzie

* * *

My friend


and her fiance


left before Christmas to get married in Thailand. I have emailed her with no response and would appreciate any information indicating she and Conrad are fine.

* * *

I am after information on

Graham Nielsen

who was working as a Building Construction Manager in the Maldives - Annamaree

* * *

A friend of mine

Tom Clement

has been living in Thailand for the past two years. He is a New Zealander and is married to a Thai woman. Has his family in Auckland heard from him? He teaches English an is an accountant.

* UPDATE: Tom Clements has been confirmed safe. (03.01.2005)

* * *

Daniel Atkins


Rebecca Sheppard

- Thailand. Friends of Dan in Milan are hoping that he and girlfriend Bex Sheppard are OK. Dan and Bex were staying with her NZ ex-pat parents for Christmas and New Years at their home on the coast of Thailand. Dan is from Hamilton and studied at Otago University. He spent 2 years teaching English in Korea before coming to Milan, Italy in September 2004 for a 4 month student exchange. We last heard from Dan in a group email sent on Christmas day.

* UPDATE: I just got an email from Daniel Atkins to say he and Rebecca Sheppard are OK.

* * *

I'm looking for a friend of mine,

Marion White

, 37, from Timaru, who was on the Andaman Islands when the tsunami hit. I met her while travelling so don't know how to contact her mom/sister - Genevieve

* UPDATE: It is understood there are reports that Marion has been in touch with family and is fine.

* * *

Concerned for our work colleague

Yuriy Sergiyenko

and his wife

Nataliya Sergiyenko

who were travelling in the Maldives.

* UPDATE: Yuriy Sergiyenko and his wife Nataliya Sergiyenko are safe and well. (04.01.2005)

* * *

Wanting to hear news of two Kiwi girls:

Sadelle Ackland


Lisa Franks

, who have just finished their gap year in our school (St Mary's Calne) in England and were going home through Thailand for Christmas.


Sadelle Ackland


Lisa Franks

have been confirmed safe. (11.01.2005)

* * *

Sam Mickell

is alive and well, currently staying in Koh Phangan. Thanks for all your concern - Sam Mickell

* * *

I have an inquiry about the whereabouts of

Pushkar Rajan Khire


Sujata Khire


Rajan Khire

. They left for India about a month and a quarter ago, planning to be traveling around India for six weeks. Last time I heard from the Khires they were in Sujata's village, Miraj, and that was about a month ago. Please e-mail me back or contact me if you find any information about their whereabouts, or any information at all. Pushkar is a school friend of mine and we are all very worried.

* * *

Concern for our work colleague -

Mary Louchy Dewhurst

and husband


. Travelling somewhere in Asia and unsure of destination.Anyone knows of where or how she is please contact the Herald.

* UPDATE: Roger Dewhurst and Mary Dewhurst are both safe. They were elsewhere in Malaysia at the time and were unaffected by the tsunami.

* * *

Erin Docherty

is safe and well in Thailand, she is staying staying in the island of Koh Samui - Erin Docherty

* * *


possibly living in Seychelles when tsunamis hit. Any info confirming Joe's safety would be appreciated.

* UPDATE: If Joe Glazer was on the Seychelles, he should be OK. The waves hit here too but not as much as on other countries, damage was mostly on streets, bridges, beaches and some buildings - Andrea Klug

* UPDATE: Reported safe (03.01.2005)

* * *

Wanting information on

Lachlan Mess

and his partner (from Invercargill) to make sure they are ok. I'm unsure when they were expected in Thailand or what there travel plans were - I would be grateful for any news.

* UPDATE: Lachlan Mess has been confirmed safe. (03.01.3005)

* * *

I am looking for information on my colleague

Ajith Perera, Tammy Perera

and their 2 children who are currently visiting Sri Lanka. They left Auckland on the 24th of Dec for Colombo to visit relatives. We do not know their exact location so we do not know if they are likely to have been affected. Any information gratefully received - Edwin Paul

* UPDATE: We have just heard from our colleague Ajith Perera & family - Edwin

* * *

I am seeking information on

Jalitha Vithanagesh

, 19 years old (NZ citizen) who travelled with his family to visit Sri Lanka, and left around 24 December. They live in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay. All of his friends from his university are concern about his safety. -Letisha Tan

* UPDATE:  A Sri Lankan friend from Napier informed me that Jalitha and his family are OK in Sri Lanka. - Shantha

* * *

Do you have any knowledge about

Noela Thompson's

whereabouts? She went to Thailand on 23rd December? She may be travelling under the name of

Noela Hassan

, her married name. Any help appreciated - David Webber

* UPDATE: I have had an email from Noela Hassan / Thompson, she is OK - Barbara Lingard (cousin)

* * *

Wondering as to the whereabouts of our dear friends

Steve Evans

and his wife


and daughter


from Birkenhead, Auckland? Believed to be holidaying in Thailand visiting her family for the Christmas holidays.

* UPDATE: Steve Evans has rung a friend in Auckland to say the family are safe. (03.01.2005)

* * *

We are trying to find out if our work colleague

Don Malla

is okay. He, his wife and child were visiting family in Sri Lanka. His full name is

Prabath Mallawaarachchi

. We are unsure of his wife or child's name. Thanks, Charlotte Hayes, customer services representative, Bendon.

*UPDATE: Don Malla has been in contact and he and his family are all safe.(05.01.2005)

* * *

A friend and I are keen to hear from


travelling on an NZ passport. He left for a couple weeks vacation in Thailand from Hiroshima just before Xmas. Just want to know you're OK.

* UPDATE: Reported safe (03.01.2005)

* * *

I am looking for information on

Nishika de Rosairo.

She was holidaying in Sri Lanka with her family. I believe she was staying in Colombo. The last contact I had with her was an email on December 23. Any information as to the whereabouts of her or her family would be greatly appreciated.

* UPDATE: I am a friend of Nishika and I contacted her by email on December. She is alright and will leave Sri Lanka on January 3 - Grace

* * *

Seeking any information on

Jonathan Cave

. He was potentially in the southern Thailand area at the time of the tsunami. Would just like to know that he is OK - Angela Petersen

* UPDATE - Jonathan Cave has been confirmed safe. (04.01.2005)

* * *

Sharon Lake

is a friend of mine from Christchurch. I am hoping for news that she is OK as she was travelling in some of the worst hit areas.

* UPDATE: Sharon is ok, she is staying in the Maldives and has been in touch with her brother in Christchurch. Thanks for your concern.

* * *

I am seeking information about a New Zealand woman, resident in London and holder of both NZ and UK passports, who was holidaying in Thailand over Christmas. Her name is

Susan Glasgow

and she was travelling with a friend called

Emily -

Marianne Schultz

* UPDATE: Susan Glasgow and Emily have been evacuated to Bangkok and will arrive back in the UK on January 5.

* * *

Seeking information on

Sarah Knight



) who was travelling to Sri Lanka on the 26th from Brisbane. Just want to know that Sarah and her husband are safe.

* UPDATE: Sarah has texted family and is safe and well.

* * *

I am seeking information of work colleague and friend,

Antoinette Sweetman

(ex South African), and partner who have been holidaying in Thailand since just before Christmas. They were going to be travelling in various parts of Thailand but not sure if Phuket region was in their plans. Any information would be appreciated.

* UPDATE: Reported safe (03.01.2005)

* * *

Seeking information about

Leonard Cousins

. He said he was flying to Thailand for Christmas. Just want to know that he's safe.

* UPDATE: Reported safe (03.01.2005)

* * *

Scott 'Poss' Palmer


James 'JC' Christain

are pleased to report that we are safe and well in Thailand and currently heading north towards Chiang Mai. Thanks for all your emails. - Scott Palmer

* * *

Janet Sanders


Basker Nadarajah


Nisha Nadarajah


Linga Nadarajah

are fine and enjoying a holiday in Mauritius, fortunately the tsunami did not reach us here.  -

Janet Sanders

* * *

Robin Leonard

was in Thailand but has been in contact with friends by text message.

* * *

I am seeking information about

William Johnstone

of Auckland who was believed to be traveling in Thailand last Sunday.

* UPDATE: Reported safe (03.01.2005)

* * *

We are trying to find news of the


family from Hamilton visiting relatives in Sri Lanka. They are travelling with their three children,




and their young daughter. We are not sure which part of Sri Lanka they were staying in. We are very concerned and would be grateful for any information.

* UPDATE: The Sritharan (incorrectly spelt Sritheren) family of Hamilton have been located in Sri Lanka and are all safe and well.

* * *

We are wanting to hear information on



Lee Jewell

from Devonport.We last saw them at AKL international airport on Christmas Eve in Passport Control and they were heading to Sri Lanka for Christmas. Any news would be appreciated.

* UPDATE: Chris and Lee Jewell from Devonport (travelling in Sri Lanka) have been contacted and are OK.

* * *

I am looking for any information on the whereabouts and safety of

John Clyma

. Formerly a resident of Wanaka and now travelling in Thailand. Any news would be gratefully appreciated.

* UPDATE: Reported safe (03.01.2005)

* * *

Looking for any information regarding

Amanda Clinton

, who has been holidaying in Thailand since Christmas. Any information would be appreciated by concerned friends.

* UPDATE: Just to let all friends know Amanda is OK, she was only in Bangkok, and is now in the Philippines and having a good time.

* * *

We have lost contact with two Kiwi friends who are holidaying in Indonesia.

Hamish Stirrat

, 24, from Auckland and

Bryce Eddy

, 30, currently based in Taiwan, met up in Jakarta sometime after the 18th December - they were staying with Hamish's mum,

Valerie Foley

. We have sent text messages and emails and notified Ministry of Foreign Affairs but have not heard from them. We believe they may have visited Bali but we are not sure. If you have any news, we would love to know.

* UPDATE: We are pleased to advise that Hamish and Valerie have been located safe and well in Jakarta.

* * *

Mirani Heyzer

and her husband,


, from Auckland are safe in Sri Lanka. Mirani says that the devastation and the plight of all those who are affected are just terrible. The Heyzers were a little further from the sea and were not affected at all.

* * *

Craig Boielle

(NZ Passport) and his girlfriend

Atsuko Takada

(NZ resident) were holidaying in Thailand and were talking of going to Phuket or Phi Phi Island. There has been no news of them to worried friends back in NZ.

* UPDATE: The couple are safe and well.