Last week's editorial on the mystery of Auckland Airport's disappearing observation deck brought many colourful responses from readers. Keep them coming!

Dir Sir,

Me and my kids always enjoyed being at the public viewing deck at Auckland Airport. We are interested in watching the landing and take-off of the planes. My daughters are now in their 20s and they still wish to have this space, but regret it has been removed.

I hope the airport authorities will build a public viewing deck if we aim to be a world-class airport. What we enjoyed, we must also pass on to our younger generation.


-Rev. Prince Devanandan ,Auckland
Dir Sir,

Couldn't agree more. The observation deck also allowed us to watch loved ones leaving for far-flung destinations, and even to convince ourselves we could see that loved one waving out of the window of the plane.

- Lynda Jeffery
Dir Sir,

We lost our deck at Christchurch Airport during recent redevelopments. Airport management states security issues! Bollocks!

You can stand 10m away from a 777 and throw anything into the engine pods.

What we got instead is a movie theatre, which did cost $12 per person. Because of lack of patronage, it is now free - and still nobody goes there.

An opportunity missed, big time. There is now nothing to do in Christchurch. Having an observation deck with a play area for the kiddies, or an al fresco dining facility would help. How about a weekend barbecue? Sounds good to me.

- Patrick Murphy
Dir Sir,

We took my stepson to Auckland Airport to leave for Australia, where he lives.
Yes, we can say goodbye at the departure area but it's not the same as the visual goodbye, thinking that he's looking back from the plane at his brothers and sisters doing the same. Please bring it back: the airport is a "people place".

- Bruce Devlin

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