It's been described as 'wild and crude' and 'lewd and tasteless' but majority of Herald readers don't have an issue with Sam Thaiday's post-match comments following Queensland's State of Origin win over New South Wales last night.

Thaiday described his side's win as: "Like losing your virginity - it wasn't nice but we got the job done."

His bizarre summation to Nine's Brad Fittler came only moments after Queensland scored a 6-4 victory and was broadcast live to millions and quickly drew widespread condemnation.

NSW Family First spokesman Phil Jobe led the outrage, describing the veteran Broncos forward's comments, as "wild and crude".


"I'm shocked that Mr Thaiday would bring sex into the discussion over a game of rugby league, especially because he is a family man," he said.

"I think his choice of words were not only offensive but in bad taste. To call them wild and crude is not overstating the point."

But a poll on the Herald website shows most readers have no problem with the comments.

38 percent of the more than 5000 voters said the comments were 'fine' while 33 percent said it was 'Ok but wrong time wrong place'.

Only 13 percent of voters agreed with Jobe saying it was 'wild and crude'.