Got a spare four minutes - maybe a touch more to allow a precious margin.

That's the time Kiwi freediver William Trubridge hopes to spend in a saltwater hole in the Bahamas in July as he chases his own 101m world record plunge.

Divers are not allowed to use fins and many die each year as they attempt to reach new endurance limits.

Surfers faced similar aquatic dangers as they gathered at Waimea Bay in Hawaii last week when the ninth event in memory of the legendary lifeguard Eddie Aikau was held.


The surf was massive but that was a honeytrap for the world's best bigwave surfers and for 66-year-old Clyde Aikau who headed out to salute his older brother for the last time.

He fell early but was undeterred and that attitude filled the entire 28-man field. Local surfer Mason Ho was pounded in one terrifying wipeout and it took some time before he surfaced to the relief of the everyone watching.

Another Hawaiian John John Florence became the youngest winner of the title with two late high-points rides as the field saluted the skills and bravery of those who challenge nature.