It looked a straight-forward decision but Tom Burgess insists he agonised over whether to join his three brothers in Australia.

The 20-year-old Bradford forward watched on as twin brother George and older sibling Luke followed England international Sam to South Sydney and began carving out a reputation in the NRL.

Tom passed up the chance to join the Rabbitohs when George signed for them two years ago, preferring instead to try his luck in Super League, but in the end the lure of Sydney proved too much.

"It wasn't inevitable but there was a good chance with three of them out there," he said.


"I've been out there three times and I do like the lifestyle and everything my brothers tell me about the beaches and stuff like that, but the main reason is to try to improve myself as a player."

Tom won his bet with George over which twin would be the first to play first grade and, after missing only one match for the Bulls so far in 2012, he feels his original decision to turn down Souths co-owner Russell Crowe was vindicated.

Bradford's Australian coach Mick Potter believes he has a chance of making the breakthrough in the NRL.

"It's no surprise he's going, given all his brothers are out there, his mum travels out there regularly and he goes out there in the off season," Potter said.

"He's come a long way in two years here. If you had asked me when I first arrived if he was going to play in the first team, I'd have said he only had a chance.

"From what I gather, Tom was always in the shadow of George and I think with George not being here it's brought him out a little bit.