Garage door causes major meltdown

A reader writes: "A broken garage door prompted a call to an Auckland business where the responding person said he would call back the next day about 7.15am to make sure someone was home. Showing up at the home at 7am, this technician promptly called the homeowner (dropping daughter at school) berating her for wasting his time. Despite multiple apologies, he rudely said that she had lost her chance (not exactly sure what for) and promptly hung up on her. The homeowner contacted the branch to apologise and arrange for another visit, only to be told by the branch owner: a technician already tried to reach you, you were not there. He said he did not care what her reason was for not being there when the technician arrived and promptly hung up on her. Are they the World's Top Garage Door Fixer or something?"

Spanish kids to get the message

Spanish children may soon be legally obliged to help out with housework. As part of a wider child protection law, the Government recommends children under 18 have an obligation to participate in all areas of family life. Children would also have to be respectful to their parents and teachers, and have a positive attitude towards learning. Married Spanish men can also face legal sanctions for refusing to do housework.


Right man obviously read ad

Salon's Kate Harding met her husband through this personal ad: "I smoke, I drink, I talk waaaay too much and think even more than that, I swear like a longshoreman, I'm usually covered in dog hair, I do not order salad as a full meal, I always want to Talk About It, I might be funnier than you, I want to be taken care of but hate feeling weak, I'm completely disorganised, I don't lie even if it's easier, I tell my girlfriends everything. If that sounds like your kind of girl, awesome."

Penrose lamp-post sign explained

There's always an explanation ... The "woman wanted, apply inside" sign on the lamp-post in Penrose is for an elderly man looking for a home helper after his wife died.

Art: Peddy Mergui's Wheat is Wheat is Wheat exhibit takes
everyday commodities and packages them as luxury goods (think Louis Vuitton salami and Versace eggs)...

Picture this: What's wrong with this picture?
(Go here to find out)

Unnecessary things to buy: I Love You written in stone, literally...

Video: Motorcyclist helps old man cross a busy road in Russia...

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