How to dry your jeans, Glen Eden style.

You puff, you lose - Florida's new employment policy

The next step in the persecution of smokers, or fair cop? The city of Delray Beach, Florida, has implemented a policy which prevents it from hiring employees who regularly smoke or use other tobacco products. The decision was made to save money, as smokers can cost their employers as much as $12,000 a year thanks to costs related to health and disability. Tobacco-using employees who had already been hired are exempt from the new policy. (Source:

Rugby players cheating just a wee bit


Strange behaviour: Australia's Illawarra District Rugby Union reported in July that it was investigating an unnamed Avondale player who had allegedly urinated all over his uniform pants during play so as to discourage his Vikings opponents from trying to tackle him.

Event Cinemas staff should read the rules

Regarding the out-of-towners who came to the big smoke to see Two Little Boys and were turned away because they had only a birth certificate ID for their son, Alice writes: "Interesting that the staff at Event Cinemas consider that a birth certificate is an invalid form of identification and insist on photo ID, when their website says, "It is recommended that a birth certificate, driver's licence or photo ID which displays a date of birth is used as proof of age for restricted films ..."

It's just cupboard love

Actually, Andrew, Sarah says the billboard on the Southern Motorway that reads, "She will love you forever with a new kitchen", is old fashioned and sexist "as it implies that women are incapable of paying for their own flash new refurbished kitchen and so shallow and stupid that they will overlook glaring personality faults and bad behaviour forever because they will be so dazzled by the flash, new refurbished kitchen."

Screwdrivers aren't sexy

"Why is it when they advertise kitchenware for women, people cry 'sexist', but when they advertise power tools for men, nobody cares?" asks Leo.