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Best Facebook update: "Today I ran past a man wearing a kilt and playing the tuba on Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis. I decided to give him a little 'Yes you're doing a good job playing the tuba' head nod/wave, which he must've taken as a 'Please join me as I run' head nod/wave because suddenly the kilt-wearing tuba player was running beside me ... playing a weirdly recognisable version of

Eye of the Tiger



Terror telemarketing from abroad
An angry telemarketer didn't appreciate being hung up on. According to Colorado police the telemarketer was explaining the homeowner had won some money, but the homeowner didn't buy it and hung up. But then the phone rang again, and the "pretty rude" telemarketer explained, "I've placed a bomb in your home." Police, were called and they evacuated neighbouring homes. No bomb was found, and they're now trying to access the telemarketer's phone number - which could be a futile search. The homeowner told police the caller "had a very thick accent" and may have been phoning from overseas. (Source:

Hotel Harry stars in video game
Prince Harry's strip scandal in a Las Vegas hotel has been immortalised in an online video game. In Save Harry, the nude prince must hide his escape from a hotel. Girls in bikinis and hotel staff are waiting at every corner to capture Harry on camera. And if you get snapped, you lose - and the story features on the front of a tabloid newspaper. (Via Digital Spy)

Sharing message could be bad for health
A reader writes: "Just wondering if I'm being too precious but, in light of the recent deaths from meningococcal disease, should Air New Zealand be launching their new sharing air points campaign with the line "It's good to share" alongside a picture of two kiddies licking the same iceblock?"