Over the next few weeks, it could be a good thing if you come across a police checkpoint in Rotorua.

McDonald's Rotorua has teamed with Rotorua Lakes Council to reward and promote safe and responsible driving.

Linley and Robert Parry, who own all three McDonald's in Rotorua, have donated hundreds of McDonald's coffee vouchers for Rotorua drivers.

Council road safety co-ordinator Reade Nikora will be at random police checkpoints over the next few weeks giving the vouchers to drivers displaying the right road safety behaviours.


"It's about identifying and promoting good drivers, rather than just always focusing on the negativity of what's happening."

"Do they have a warrant and registration? Are they restrained in their vehicle? Sticking to the speed limit.

"A driver who is aware, not tired. A driver who is willing to take breaks and be a responsible driver."

He said he had got the idea from another initiative where drivers were stopped by police for doing good things.

"But we thought, would you be happy if you were in a rush to get to work in the morning and you were pulled over by a cop because you were doing something good?"

Mrs Parry said she was excited about the project.

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"We are really enjoying being a part of this community involvement and hope to be able to continue this partnership for many years."