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Your Views: Who is the best radio presenter?

Martin Devlin has quit Radio Live after months of speculation about his employment, saying his dislike of presenting hard news was to blame - not poor ratings.

Devlin had been host of the talk-radio station's breakfast slot since it started two years ago.

We asked you to rate the current radio presenters.

Here is the latest selection of your views:

Jo McKee
Not a fan of Hosking on the screen I thoroughly enjoy his radio style, at its most scintillating when he fronts for Holmes. I heard an interview yesterday when interviewing two opposing views he simply said 'what do you say to that' All that was needed, not pushing his barrow. Leighton Smith attracts an intelligent audience and that is reflected in his show, but his barrow pushing is at critical point.

He should have never left Radio Sport (for me, it was like a death in the family the day he left - he was absolutely fantastic on that station). I hope he makes his way back there!!!!!

Keith Hawker
Mike Hosking one of the best on radio and I do like Brendan Telfer and Murray Deaker on Radio Sport. I also find Larry Williams' programme excellent.

Locally, Ken Ellis and John Dunne are pretty good. The worst would have to be between Doug Golightly ,Tony Veitch and Willie Lose on Radio Sport. They are appalling.

Man City til I Die
It pains me to compliment a ManUre supporter but Devlin is seriously talented. His strength is he sees the big picture clearly and disseminates the correct conclusion ignoring the peripheral irrelevancies that the majority of the public get hung up on. Its not suffering fools and not a case of hanging up on people that don't agree with him, as another respondant suggested. Imagine Leighton Smith (whom to my mind is the best) trying to front a sports talk-back show for any length of time. The fact that Devlin was able to do both admirably points to his across the board appeal. NZs future Letterman?

I will miss Martin Devlin in the mornings.I found him entertaining and I thought he handled the news side well since he was mainly into the sports side of things.I really enjoy Mark Bennet on Radio Live...and Murray Inglis.

Martin Devlin was clever, well read & knowledgeable & will be missed by those that enjoyed his somewhat cynical approach to the world & especially authority. I have basically given up listening to radio as the standard of DJs (I refuse to call them personalities)has fallen rapidly. Few, if any pronounce words correctly & this ridiculous habit of dropping the "g" off every verb is lazy & amateurish. If they think they are "cool" or "with it" they are not. Same applies to those who adopt the awful Aussie "mate" talk syndrome, especially the sports broadcasters. Radio announcers should be setting/maintaining good pronounciation, not de-basing it! News readers riddle their reading of the news with mistakes/hesitations & mis-pronounciations. Radio standards in NZ are appalling & by the way...I am a New Zealander!

Duane Donovan
Radio Live lose nothing with the departure of Martin Devlin. Talkback hosts need a certain level of arrogance (ie: Smith on ZB) but his total inability to accept the validity of other opinions is a severe weakness. If they want a confrontational and angry person to front their morning show Radio Live should get Mary Wilson from National Radio. There is simply no one out there to take Kim Hills place, which radio listeners should worry about.

P. Metcalfe
Jim Mora on National radio in the afternoons is overwhelmingly the best radio presenter in any time slot in the country. Unfortunately, his other commitments seem to take him away often and we are left with Wayne Mowat who has to be the most somniferous presenter.

Jenny Layton
I read with horror that Martin Devlin is leaving Radio Live. He made the news and sport so interesting and humorous and he had a way that made all news worthy of listening to. It was a great way to start the morning with a smile on my face. Coleman was so drab yesterday and I know he is only temporary but I think Martin has got what it takes. I will miss him.

John Mitchell
Martin Devlin is by far the best radio presenter in New Zealand, he is funny, witty and not PC. The worst is a tie between James Coleman, Marcus Lush and Hillary Barry. James Coleman is a boring uninteresting announcer.Marcus Lush is so slow and uninteresting, there are long pauses in his show you think the studio has broken down and the silence detector at the transmitter will kick in any moment, he then starts talking again, very irritating.. Hillary Barry - is really your great grandmother trapped in a younger persons body, very boring, very predictable and has killed the Kim and Corbett show on More FM in the morning.

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