A visit to Masterton Intermediate School may leave you wondering if you are suffering a severe case of double vision.

But don't rush off to the eye doctor just yet.

It's most likely to have been caused by the 12 sets of twins attending the school this year.

The school has a roll of 470, meaning just over 5 per cent of the pupils are twins.


Statistics New Zealand says multiple births make up less than 2 per cent of births overall.

As well as the 12 sets of twins among the pupils, there are two staff members at the school who also have twins.

New assistant principal Olivia Geange said she first noticed the anomaly during her daily visits to classes.

"It's part of my role to get to know the kids, and I just kept seeing more and more as I went around."

Imogen and Taylor Thomas, 11, one set of identical twins at the school, said they shared a special bond, occasionally finishing each other's sentences.

"We like all the same foods, and we get all the same clothes, but in different colours," Imogen said.