An alleged rape victim wearing a skirt and singlet was "provocatively dressed" and "looking for male attention", Northern Districts cricketer Scott Kuggeleijn told a court this morning.

Kuggeleijn, who is a defending a rape charge in a week-long trial in the Hamilton District Court this week, told the jury of six men and six women the woman was "exposing a lot more than I guess a lot of girls do".

The was wearing a skirt above her knees and a singlet before the alleged rape at a Hamilton East flat on May 17, 2015.

"When you used the word provocative, what did you mean?" Crown prosecutor Jacinda Foster asked.


"She was just quite revealing, you know," he replied.

When asked why he thought she was looking for "male attention", he replied "she was just, yeah, very close to you when she talked, and talked about a lot of things that a lot of others wouldn't".

Foster also quizzed him about his comment that "she loved penis".

"She looked like she liked a lot of male attention and liked males," he replied.

Foster responded that the suggestion she "loved penis" was not just referring to a love of men, rather to loving sex.

When pressed, Kuggeleijn said: "It's not necessarily just sex but I guess that comes into it, I suppose."

Foster asked Kuggeleijn if he felt pressure from his friends to have sex with the complainant after flirting with her the night before. He denied that.

She also asked if, by the morning he had "become frustrated with her because she wouldn't do what you wanted her to do".

"I s'pose it was slightly frustrating, yeah."

He admitted that the complainant "quickly" got out of bed and into her pyjamas after the sex had occurred, before leaving the room.

The trial continues.