Police in Wellington are searching for a man seen riding a dirt bike while carrying a baby on his back.

The man, thought to be in his 30s, was spotted by a police officer at Ascot Park, in Porirua, today.

The motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet and had an infant in a baby-carrier on his back, police said.

The officer - who was on foot - attempted to wave the motorcyclist down, but he fled towards Conclusion St.


Porirua Police are now appealing for witnesses or anyone who may know the man to contact authorities.

He is described as Caucasian with short blonde hair.

"Porirua Police need to identify this person due to his actions and safety concerns,'' police said.


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Wellington District Police
about 2 months ago

Porirua East residents,

Today a Police Officer on foot witnessed a male riding a white dirt bike at Ascot Park, Porirua without a helmet on. He is described as caucasian, aged in his 30s with short blonde hair. He was carrying a baby in a baby carrier on his back and did not stop when waved down by Police. He went in the direction of Conclusion Street.

Porirua Police need to identify this person due to his actions and safety concerns. Please contact us via email SBG267@police....govt.nz with information to identify the male.

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