Over 1000 ducks prepare to race on the Whanganui River, and Whangarei CBD is set to get a new bus before the Christmas period. These are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

Not interested in backing a horse during Cup week? Back a duck instead. Ten dollars backs one of a 1000 or more plastic ducks to be raced on the Whanganui River this Saturday.

Whangarei Christmas shoppers should have an extra transport option this year, with the introduction of an inner-city loop bus planned for December.

Pulling together the works that make up East 2016, Hastings City Art Gallery's biennial exhibition celebrating art excellence in Hawke's Bay, has been both "exciting and complex".


Newly refurbished Christmas wreaths are hitting the streets in Mount Maunganui after an art group decided to add sparkle to the tired looking old ones.

St Mary's Catholic School in Rotorua has been announced winners of the Da Vinci Flying Machines competition.