Some of the country’s mayors are calling it quits this year. We look at the achievements of the departing civic leaders and the records of some seeking re-election.


Current Mayor

: Celia Wade-Brown, 2010-2016, not seeking re-election.

Remembered for: The controversial Island Bay cycleway, cycling to Wellington Airport to greet former US Secretary of State and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2010, voting against NZTA's plans for a $90 million highway flyover, introducing a living wage for council staff.

Main contenders: Helene Ritchie, Nicola Young, Johnny Overton, Keith Johnson, Justin Lester, Nick Leggett, Andy Foster, Jo Coughlan.



Current Mayor

: , 2011-2016, not seeking re-election.

Remembered for: In two terms as the Super City's first mayor, Len Brown managed to unite eight councils under one umbrella. Public transport use has grown significantly, though congestion remains a bugbear. User-friendly improvements to the waterfront have been popular. His dalliance with council advisory board member Bevan Chuang proved costly.

Main contenders: Mario Alupis, Aileen Austin, Penny Bright, Patrick Brown, Tricia Cheel, Vic Crone, Phil Goff, David Hay, Alezix Heneti, Adam John Holland, Susanna Kruger, Stan Martin, Binh Thanh Nguyen, Phil O'Connor, John Palino, Tyrone Raumati, Chloe Swarbrick, Mark Thomas, Wayne Young.


Current Mayor

: Annette Main, 2010-2016, not seeking re-election.

16 Sep, 2016 8:50am
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Remembered for: Pushing development of the rundown port, making Whanganui one of the first towns to get complete broadband coverage and pressing for the controversial change in the spelling which saw an 'H' added to the town and district's name.

Main contenders: Hamish McDouall, Helen Craig, Alan Taylor, Andy Jarden, Randhir Dahya, Ray Stevens, William Osborne.


Current Mayor

: Julie Hardaker, 2010-2016, not seeking re-election.

Remembered for: Sorting out the council's books and getting rid of the costly Hamilton V8s, the adoption of the Hamilton City River Plan.

Main contenders: James Casson, Arshad Chatha, Jack Gielen, Andrew King, Rob Pascoe, Chris Simpson, Paula Southgate.


Current Mayor

: None, the council has been run by Government-appointed commissioners since 2012.

Challenges ahead: Rebuilding public trust after costs for a wastewater treatment plant escalated from $8m to $63.3m over 15 years, causing massive rates rises and widespread anger. The plant is due to be completed in 2018-19.

Main contenders: Greg Gent, Bruce Rogan, Christian Simon and Jay Ben Tane.


Current Mayor

: Andrew Judd, 2013-2016, not seeking re-election.

Remembered for: Tried unsuccessfully to introduce a Maori ward to the city. Maori representation changed the way he was viewed. This has led to him being spat at, verbally abused and on the end of large amounts of hate mail.

Main contenders: Heather Dodunski, Richard Handley, Neil Holdom, Bill Simpson, Clive Tongaawhikau.


Current Mayor

: Stuart Crosby, Mayor: 2004-2016. Not seeking re-election.

Remembered for: Leading Tauranga through its biggest ever natural disaster caused by the massive May 2005 downpour. More than 40 people lost their homes from slips around the city and more than 700 people were displaced. The late morning timing of the downpour meant everyone got out of their homes and no lives were lost. Tested Mr Crosby's calm management style. Prides himself on being a steady hand on the tiller.

Main contenders: Larry Baldock, Greg Brownless, Kelvin Clout, Murray Guy, Hori Leaming, Max Mason, Steve Morris, Doug Owens, Noel Peterson, Graeme Purches and John Robson.



Current Mayor

: John Carter, 2013-2016.

Achievements so far: Sorted out the council's books. He described his platform as having a community-led council, which has meant getting to know the needs of the region's many diverse communities, and helping them to achieve them.

Main contender: Peter Gill


Current Mayor

: Sheryl Mai, 2013-2016.

Achievements so far: Driven the discipline over attaining a balanced budget. Maintained the debt cap - effectively reducing debt.

Main contenders: Stuart Bell, David Blackley, Kay Elizabeth Brittenden, Ash Holwell, Matt Keene


Current Mayor

: Steve Chadwick, 2013-2016.

Achievements so far: Introduced the Te Tatau o Te Arawa Board which caused widespread debate and controversy in Rotorua.

Main contenders: Dr Reynold Macpherson, Rob Kent, Mark Gould, RangiMarie Kingi, Frances Louis and John Rakei-Clark..


Current Mayor

: Bill Dalton, 2013-2016, with no-one stepping forward, has already been re-elected unopposed.

Achievements so far: Dalton was elected as a staunch opponent to the bid to amalgamate the region's five councils, a plan rejected in a regional referendum.


Current Mayor

: Lawrence Yule, 2001-2016.

Achievements so far: One of five mayors to support merging the region's councils. The council's handling of the recent gastro crisis could determine whether Yule is re-elected.

Main contenders: Adrienne Pierce, Guy Wellwood.