A Hastings couple have been remanded on bail for sentence on multiple burglary charges after a series of raids on the homes of the woman's parents and one of her neighbours.

Appearing in Hastings District Court yesterday, Nicole Elizabeth Oliver, 25, pleaded guilty to four charges of burglary, and Alex Peter Funnell, 36, pleaded guilty to the charges relating to the homes of his partner's parents, in Napier and rural Glengarry, and a charge of receiving stolen property taken in the burglaries of her neighbour's home in Park Rd South, Hastings.

The charge relating to the neighbour's home related to repeated raids, which police prosecutor Sergeant Andy Horne said sometimes happened several times a day.

He said the victim had discussed those thefts as concerned neighbours, and Oliver had said she would watch out for any suspicious activity.


Thousands of dollars worth of stolen property was pawned by Funnell through two second-hand dealerships, but Mr Horne said most had been recovered.

The burglaries started with Oliver's visits to her mother's home in Napier last October. Knowing her mother was not home, Oliver took a ring, cash and other items.

She returned in March and took an electric guitar and before the end of the month had made a similar visit to her father's home at Glengarry, police said.

The thefts from the home in Hastings were carried out in March and April, and involved the theft of property worth about $15,000.

Judge Bridget Mackintosh granted continued bail without police opposition and the two are expected to appear in court for sentence on July 6.