Richlister and Warriors owner Eric Watson last week came out in support of a downtown stadium for Auckland and called on the city to become more visionary. We asked some patriotic Kiwis what they'd most like to see the city achieve by 2030 and a theme emerges.

Dick Frizzell

A stadium/retail complex on the tank farm. A functioning underground and above-ground light rail, and lots of smart low-rise apartment buildings on all main arterial routes. The impact of driverless cars fascinates me as theywill make a massive difference to how traffic/car-ownership will work.

I think it will be THE revolution of the early 21st century.


Phil Goff
Mayoral candidate

The city needs a strong public transport system, including rail, bus ways and light rail and improvements in roading, cycleways and walkways and more intensive development around transport hubs and arterial routes.

Vic Crone
Mayoral candidate

Let's get Aucklanders moving around all their communities easily by delivering an unrivalled future-focused transportation network. We can look to world-class data systems that optimise traffic flows in real time, using driverless technologies.

Sir Stephen Tindall
Entrepreneur and philanthropist

Fix Auckland's traffic congestion.

Nigel Morrison
SkyCity MD

Relocate Ports of Auckland to free up our fantastic harbourside. Sell the council's shares in Auckland Airport and use the money to fund the development of further infrastructure for Auckland, including a waterfront CBD stadium for 25,000.

Jacinda Ardern
Auckland MP

Make home ownership a reality rather than a dream for all Aucklanders. Children living in poverty, small business owners trying to access finance, and even people trying to live on universal superannuation are all effected by home ownership and the cost of housing. It's a life changer."

John Key
Prime Minister

To see the redevelopment of Auckland's waterfront completed, and a world-class structure in place of the tank farm. The beauty and character of the Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter already gives us a sense of what's in store . . . allowing Aucklanders and visitors to enjoy a harbour that rivals the best in the world.

Nikki Kaye
Minister for ACC,
Civil Defence and Youth, Auckland MP

We need to have delivered several hundred thousand quality and affordable homes with appropriate infrastructure that includes a more balanced transport system with investment in roads, rail, cycling and ferries.

Valerie Adams
Double Olympic champion

Public transport. I'm a proud Aucklander but as someone who splits their time between New Zealand and Switzerland for training, and also having a career where I'm lucky enough to travel around the world, my experience of public transport internationally makes Auckland's biggest infrastructure issues absolutely clear, in terms of congestion on the roads and the lack of a world-class rail system.

Paul Majury
Lawyer and iwi leader

An Auckland that looks and feels like us - indigenous, diverse and beautiful. Tangible expressions include restored ancestral mountains that have received World Heritage classification, a Hauraki Gulf where we can all safely swim, play and fish, and a built environment that reflects the people of Auckland.

Barbara Chapman
ASB Bank CEO and managing director

Universal access to quality education will play a key role in Auckland's ability to thrive in the new global knowledge economy. All stakeholders - business, government, educational institutions, society and individuals - will need to work together to ensure we have a long-term vision and strategy around providing the best educational opportunities for our people, no matter who they are or where they live.

Len Brown Mayor

A suburban rail network from the North Shore to Pukekohe and from the main trunk line to and from the airport.

Theresa Gattung

World class transport. Auckland already does cultural events well. And for every one person who wants a cooling housing market there is a person quite happy about their increased wealth from rising Auckland house prices. It's the stress it brings to daily living in Auckland of getting around the city that is its most pressing challenge, whether you are standing on Dominion Rd waiting for a bus or driving in from points north, south, west or east. Having world-class transport by 2030 would transform Auckland the most.

Sir Peter Leitch
Entrepreneur and philanthropist

It's got to be transport. Fix the roads and the traffic. It's manic, it takes me hours to get from A to B, everywhere is bumper-to-bumper.

John Banks
Former mayor

Economic infra-struture, roading and integrated public transport. It's as simple as that. By 2030 I'd like to see a third harbour crossing - a tunnel - that would be a priority and have a facility for light rail through Albany.

Lizzie Marvelly

For me it's a rail loop that connects the whole city and/or a second harbour crossing.