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To the fisher people who use the bench seating and arm rests around Westhaven for cutting fish bait, thanks very much, you stuffed up my proposed lunch break sitting in the sun.


Thank you to the many kind people who came to my aid when I collapsed in St Luke's car park on Tuesday, February 9. A special thanks to the lady who kindly helped care for me until St John arrived, and a heartfelt thanks to my dear friend Beverley.



When are police or Auckland Transport going to stop the hundreds of dishonest drivers doing illegal right turns and u-turns out of Bruce St on to Onewa Rd every morning? It's both dangerous and incredibly frustrating to law-abiding motorists, particularly when there's a police station just down the road.


A big thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers at the Weetbix TRYathlon; especially those who yelled out encouragement to the kids during their races. I hope you aren't hoarse today.


Last week I caught a bus downtown to avoid parking costs. When boarding the Howick and Eastern bus I noticed the driver was unusually wearing jandals. Later on during this white-knuckle ride another passenger pointed out to the driver the apparent footwear gaffe. The flippant response was something that involved forgetfulness. I would have thought that if the striking drivers were expecting public sympathy and toots for their cause they would be more careful about rules and regulations.


From the moment we arrived at Auckland Airport Handicapped Carpark recently I was treated like royalty: partner sent off to park car, then helped check in, get boarding passes and then escorted at speed to our flight. The same when we arrived back - a huge thank you to all who turned our trip into luxury travel!