The Black Caps win over Australia last night to take the one-day series was a big deal for New Zealand cricket. We don't beat the Aussies often, let alone win a series.

But it gets better. The Aussies are whining over the dismissal of Mitch Marsh after the umpires chose to refer the initial appeal once seeing the replay on the big screen.

Australian media are now claiming that the dismissal was "mob rule" on the back of a "rabid" crowd.

I see no reason an umpire shouldn't go upstairs if they see on the big screen that there is an issue. They are umpires, why wouldn't they want to get it right? Do we seriously expect umpires to see on the big-screen replay that a player is out and simply ignore it? You can't be serious! The rules may say a team needs to appeal but depending on whose side you sit, it's debatable whether New Zealand did or not. In the end, the right decision was made.


Former test opener, Michael Slater, whom I respect, labels New Zealand cricket crowds the most "savage" in the world. Really? We all know Aussie fans are legendary for being merciless towards touring teams.

And in a delightful irony, the Aussie players are complaining they were "sledged".

Coming from the Aussies this is all a bit rich too.

Less than a year ago the Aussies were dishing it out to our players as they trundled off the MCG in the World Cup final. Has everyone forgotten Brad Haddin?

Suddenly, the Aussies are being crybabies - and I love it.

Fact: Marsh was out. Get over it.

Dildo-thrower has no clue

John Key says he worries about our national image, and the sex toy thrown at Steven Joyce at Waitangi isn't what he wants shown around the world.

Understandable - it was appalling and embarrassing, but mostly for nurse Josie Butler who tossed the dildo, although I'm sure she thinks she's a hero.

She claims it was out of concern of "the effects of TPP on my patients".

Ms Butler is waffling. She hasn't got a clue. The American corporates are not taking over our health system.

If I was a patient of Ms Butler's - I'd be worried.

It's all about the ego

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has confirmed for the first time that he is seriously considering running for President of the United States.

He finds the level of discourse in the debates banal.

I can see where he's coming from on that score - at times it's got to gutter level.

But why would Bloomberg run for President?


Sure the guy might have a US$39 billion ($59b) fortune and a presidential campaign might be a drop in the bucket at US$1b but all he will achieve will be to split the vote.

Bloomberg is a liberal. He will get disenfranchised Democrat voters.

No wonder Donald Trump is urging Bloomberg to run.